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  • Shredder, Cross-Cut, 60 Sht Cap, 16'x11"x14", BK

Shredder, Cross-Cut, 60 Sht Cap, 16'x11"x14", BK

Experience the productivity of hands-free shredding. The Stack-and-Shred shredder works without your supervision. Simply stack, shut and you're done. Stack up to 60 sheets for automatic shredding at home or in your office. Manual bypass lets you feed up to 4 sheets for on-the-spot shredding. Security Level 3, cross-cut shredding cuts paper into confetti (1/4" x 1-3/4" pieces) at 5' per minute, turning a letter-sized page into 335 pieces. Durable cutters slice through credit cards, paper clips and staples. Whisper-quiet operation lets you work uninterrupted while it shreds up to 10 minutes at a time. Cross-cut shredder also features automatic cool-down with LED indicator, energy-saving power-save mode with automatic wakeup, 9" throat, 60 decibel range, and manual reverse for jam clearance. You can see when the included 4-gallon pullout wastebasket is full through the viewing window.

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